A furious Falkirk candidates in KDP office

A prospective legislative district legislature Karawang , West Java , from Gerindra with supporters ” raging ” in the office of the District Election Committee Rengasdengklok Tuesday .

Candidates ( candidates ) Gerindra from Two Electoral District named enin Saputra it came to office Election Committee (PPK ) with supporters angrily to damage the local KDP office .

Enin with supporters that action because of disappointment over the loss of 1,600 votes obtained during the polling 9 April 2014 legislative elections .
" I wondered why I lost the vote . No half - tangggung , the loss of up to 1,600 votes. I suspect that there is a game to win the vote of the other candidates , " he said in Karachi on Tuesday .

He said , according to witness reports are distributed throughout the voting places around his constituency , voting outcomes obtained to reach 2,503 votes. However , listed in CI form only recorded 1,092 votes.

Conditions that make him suspicious happen ” game ” to win one of the other candidates from the same political party .

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The above incident a “rampage ” candidates and their supporters , Rengasdengklok KDP offices were damaged . Some ballot boxes and chairs in the office was broken .
So is the glass shattered by a KDP office Rengasdengklok ” ravaged ” the supporters of the candidates of Gerindra .


Stay on His promise Jokowi Meet the Editor in Chief of Forum Tonight

Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo tonight , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) had a meeting with the Chief Editor Forum ( Editor in Chief ) on Horapa restaurant , Jalan Cik Ditro , Menteng , Central Jakarta .

Joko Widodo or familiarly called Jokowi arrived at the meeting at 20:00 pm . Chief Editor presence immediately greeted some kind of print media and television .

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After shaking hands , Jokowi which still served as the Governor of Jakarta is ushered into another room in the restaurant , the event began.
In this meeting , Jokowi open forum by asking a number of suggestions or feedback related some things on a national scale to the present Chief Editor .

" This evening I want to be the inputs of all haln related problems. we will wake up as to what this country because this is not just a matter of Jokowi but the problems of the nation state , " said Jokowi .

Jokowi also expressed his apology because of the previous meeting was unable to attend due to be facing the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri at his residence , Jalan Teuku Umar No. 27 , Menteng , Central Jakarta on Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) then .

" We are sorry that yesterday’s event should be canceled because the circumference of the running mate until the end of the night was also not ktemu , " said Jokowi .


Android 4.1.1 Vulnerable Bleed Heart Attack

San Francisco - It turns out the virus Heartbleed also at risk for mobile devices . More recently , Google announced the Android-based devices 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is very susceptible to Heartbleed .

To that end , Google has prepared a new patch to patch this vulnerability . The new patch is being distributed by Google on the smartphone vendors that have partnered with Android .

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It takes a long time , considering the number of producers who refine the Android-based smartphone or tablet .

Mashable launch, currently listed there are still about 34.4 % outstanding device using the Android operating system . However, Google did not specify how exactly the number of mobile devices are still using version 4.1.1 of Android Jelly Bean .

Actually, the Google has urged the vendors to bring more frequent updates of security software . However , this appeal more ignored by the vendor because of the high cost of software development .

Shall smartphone or tablet running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ? If yes , then be careful with virus attacks Heartbleed this .


Again, Elephants Slaughtered in Aceh, Ivory disappeared

Sumatran elephant ( Elephas maximus sumatranus ) male was found dead in the woods and ivory lost six kilometers from the village of Arrow Teupin , District XVI Kaway West Aceh district in Aceh , 1 April 2014 . Elephant ‘s body was reported to have attended five elephant herd approaching difficult to officials .

Genman Suhefti Hasibuan , Head of the Natural Resources Conservation Center ( BKSDA ) Aceh said the results of the investigation and the Criminal Police BKSDA West Aceh , that elephants allegedly died by trapping iron in the head . Then ivory taken , sawn wear chinsaw . ” Strong suspicion of deliberately hunted for ivory taken , ” said Taboo ( 04.08.14 ) .

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Initially , officials had not dared accompanied by the head of the village closer to the location for residents to report there were five other elephants still roam and gathered around the body of the elephant . The poor elephants estimated a 12-year -old was part of a group of people who are often seen around the village. This group consists of six tail two adult males , three females and one child .

On April 5 , officers approached and managed to find the bodies of the elephants began to rot . They have not found a tool that is used to kill elephants . This case continues to West Aceh district police investigated . ” The silent community complicate the investigation . They are frightened . In fact , no one will deliver to a location unless the chief officer of the village. “

Arrow Teupin village 60 kilometers from Meulaboh , West Aceh district capital . Location elephant killed an other land uses that still has good forest cover . Around this area are many palm plantations . Elephants and humans are often in conflict in recent years . January, one person was killed and one person injured in the District Meureubo , adjacent to the District Kaway XVI . Elephants are reported several times went into the garden residents .

The killing of elephants is reminiscent of the case of ” Papa Genk ’ Sampoinet July 2013 in Aceh Jaya district neighboring West Aceh district . Since 2012 reached 25 elephants died in Aceh . Beginning in 2014 , the elephant dies of electric shock in the gardens of residents in Southeast Aceh . Ivory had taken residents , but handed over to the police .

Of the many cases of murder of elephants , the new one is processed into the trial . ” Law enforcement has not been given to the killer elephant deterrent effect . Now happen again , ” said Genman , who only a few months on duty in Aceh .


Potential very powerful medium of political parties

The advantages of the political party ( parties) intermediate variety , this is a potential that could be raised if the coalition formed a central axis .

Median Executive Director Rico Marbun argued , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) has cadres and party machines that have been tested , both in the local elections ( elections ) and in the legislative elections ( pileg ) .

" Hanura have a large media network , PPP ( United Development Party ) and PKB ( National Awakening Party ) , has a mass of traditional voters , " Rico said when contacted Sindonews , Friday, April 11, 2014 night .

Furthermore Rico said , while the Democratic Party and the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , to join with the central axis , will have problem . Because the two parties , will be determined to bring figures and want to dominate the coalition formed

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" Democrat and PAN had a problem , did not have a figure that is considered strong enough to go forward . Existence of the Democratic votes because of the persistence of SBY ( Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ) . While PAN , Hatta figure that responsibility , because he was not a candidate for , he is more on to vice , " he concluded .


Team champion robot international robot PENS

Excellent . This word deserves addressed to Tim Robot Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya ( PENS ) . How not ? Of the competition arena trinity college fire fighting home robot contest in 2014 , they successfully bought the champion of the existing categories .

Of the event in Hartford , Connecticut , USA , 5-6 April 2014 , they and even Indonesia should be proud . This is because the team is able to shift the 54 other participants , who come from various countries such as USA , Kuwait , Israel and Armenia .

PENS successful team world champion in two categories at the same time , the division ‘s senior team won wheeled Effiro well as e - division world champion who won the team Eilero walking . Not only that , the senior division wheeled PENS team also carried off the feat by becoming the champion two and three .

PENS director Zainal Arief proud because this is the highest achievement after 2001 PENS and also won at an international robot contest .

" The key to victory is everything and the spirit of cooperation of the students and faculty . They have been willing to provide time off to work on the robot . Come overnight and tutors with students , " said Zainal met at Juanda International Airport Terminal T2 , Wednesday, April 9, 2014 night .

Three intelligent robots move on wheels brought PENS team . In addition , smart -legged robot team entrusted Polytechnic Bandung because they are winning at the national contest . Robots are entrusted it won first prize . While the team is considered to be a festive London Polytechnic champion two and three .

Minister of Education and Culture (Education ) M Noah ‘s appreciate human achievements . Interrupted reception at Juanda Airport Terminal T2 , Noah ensure ministry provides scholarships for students who enter the team .

Students are entitled to a scholarship for college in the PENS . For those who will graduate , the scholarship can be used for the levels of S - 1 , S - 2 even .

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" For lecturers who are already taking the S - 2 will receive a scholarship to continue S - 3 , " Noah said student applause that greeted the arrival of the team .


Game Watch Dogs Explore Chicago

CALIFORNIA - Game publisher Ubisoft released video footage depicting the Watch Dogs play the game with the background of new cities , namely Chicago . In this new map gamers will find more things to be explored . (see also: pakan burung kenari)

As quoted by Softpedia , Friday ( 28/03/2014 ) , Ubisoft said the game Watch Dogs will have the time or the hour that made ​​very similar to real life . Along with dynamic weather changes in it .

The game publisher company also said three thousand characters figure on the Chicago map and profile are almost infinite in number .

"Downtown Chicago is a very busy area with more people and more industrial areas , " said Ubisoft . That way , there will be more devices that could be hacked by gamers . Ubisoft also said that there are 75 different vehicles ranging from SUVs to luxury cars .

Game hackers how to play the game similar to Grand Theft Auto it has not been released and can be played by everyone . However, the video footage was already present and makes people want to play right away . In this game a player can manipulate all the things that exist in the city by way of hack . Here’s the link the video footage .

source: http://techno.okezone.com/

China Still Vulnerable to Cyber ​​Crime

So far , China is still quite vulnerable to cyber crime . The population of the lot and lack of education to be one of the triggers rampant crime .

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Note the latest Norton Cybercrime showed that losses must be borne by the Chinese as a result of the crime reached more than 30 billion U.S. dollars . Meanwhile , the number of people harmed touched up with more than 100 million .

Meanwhile , according to the President Director of PT Dimension Data Indonesia Yudi Mashudi Hamka , last week , in addition to China , Indonesia is also a major target of cyber crime . The perpetrators , said Yudi make Indonesia as the target to attack elsewhere . ” The perpetrators use the IP address of Indonesia, ” he said .

By trend , cyber crimes targeted by utilizing the IP is known as a botnet . Indonesia , by the perpetrator only be used as a bridge . Most of the perpetrators are from abroad. ” This crime makes as if Indonesia is doing the attack , ” said Yudi again .

Cybercrime, according to Yudi , specifically harm also for companies in Indonesia , particularly banks . So from that , the handling of cyber crime is not only operational but also a reputation problem . Because , in developing its business , banking carries the reputation as the base case .

Shutterstock Illustration hackers .
Going forward , in addition to network security completeness belonged to the banking world , it is a point of concern is the development of new tools to detect cyber crimes . Departing from there , security infrastructure design services , infrastructure support , security consulting services to be important . Two important service is Managed Security Services and Data Leakage Prevention .

Yudi explained , it records the data associated with one of the bank’s Internet network in Indonesia showed that 60 percent of traffic comes from the virtual world of Eastern Europe . In fact , the bank has no business in the region .

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Meanwhile , further Yudi , the average bank in Indonesia utilizing up to 60 percent of total expenditures for completeness infrastructure , 30 percent for development , and 10 percent for workforce development . Furthermore , of the 60 percent fund infrastructure spending , 10 percent for shopping completeness of data network security .


Tentang: Hainan gibbon, kera paling langka di dunia

Tentang: Hainan gibbon
The Hainan gibbon adalah kera paling langka di dunia, dengan sekitar 20 orang dalam dua kelompok keluarga yang tinggal di pulau Hainan di lepas pantai Cina selatan.

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Hainan gibbon fakta:

Kedua kelompok keluarga adalah salah satu kelompok terbesar yang diketahui siamang. Biasanya kelompok owa terdiri dari satu laki-laki dan satu perempuan yang ikatan seumur hidup, bersama dengan satu atau dua anak.
Fauna & Flora International (FFI) telah melaksanakan program pendidikan lingkungan di kalangan sekolah-sekolah lokal selama beberapa tahun untuk meningkatkan kesadaran tentang melindungi owa dan baru-baru ini telah mendukung cagar alam untuk langsung memperkuat perlindungan spesies ini di habitat aslinya.

Setelah lima tahun bekerja pada pendidikan lingkungan, masyarakat setempat menyadari Hainan gibbon biologi serta hukum dan peraturan yang melindungi dan sekarang mendukung melindunginya.

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FFI sekarang membantu guru lokal untuk mengorganisir diri untuk membangun konservasi LSM lokal

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

This is the danger juice packaging

In order to maintain health , so many that include your followers and then turning to a healthy diet . However, because the density of activity , then you choose healthy food preparations but in the form of an instant . One is a fruit juice that is in the packaging . (see also: pakan burung)

Actually how Sehatkan fruit juices are packed in containers ?

Bottled juice contain hidden sugar
Fruit juice in containers contain hidden sugars . Sugar can come from fruit flavorings that serves to strengthen the flavor in the juice .

Bottled juice is absorbed too quickly
A study conducted by the Human Nutrition Research Unit of the Medical Research Council in Cambridge said that bottled juice contains very little nutrients and are easily absorbed by the body because most only contain water in them .

Juice packaging disrupt your diet
If you’re on a diet, you should avoid to consume fruit juice in the package . Because of this type of juice contains a lot of sugar and will actually increase your appetite . (see also: pakan burung cendet)

Based on the above , you should avoid to consume the juice in containers . You better make your own juice derived from natural fruit juices because the type is not lost in fiber and nutrients.

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/