Qatar and UAE Join the BRIC

Qatar and UAE Join the BRIC

The reason investors to invest in the Middle East is growing. Because , Qatar and the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) has upgraded its status to developing countries ( emerging markets ) .

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With this emerging market status , the two countries will certainly increase the amount of foreign investment . As reported on CNBC , Wednesday ( 04/06/2014 ) .

MSCI is a stock market research institutes have declared the two countries as a growing nation . That is , stock index two countries will join the emerging markets index .

These changes also mean the risk level of investment in the country is no longer high (high risk ) . While yields remain behind promising ( high return ) .

Deutsche Bank estimates , the capital markets will be invaded Qatari foreign funds with a value of approximately USD440 million . This upgrade is also an evidence of the efficiency of the country over the existing stock market .

This upgrade UAE and Qatar membuar par with developing countries with promising growth potential that can be called BRIC , comprising Brazil , Russia , India and China .


Police Seize Homes Destroyer Kadesh, A Citizens Shot

Khoirul Fauzun ( 29 ) , a resident Kaliboto , District Tarokan , Kediri , East Java , suffered a gunshot wound to the face when the police raided the house unexpectedly perpetrators local village chief , on Tuesday ( 5/27/2014 ) morning .

Khoirul was shot in the left cheek under the nose of penetrating up to the right of the temple . Currently he is still undergoing intensive care in hospital ICU Bhayangkara Kediri .

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" Now his condition was awake but still weak . He will still undergo some medical examinations , " said Adi Wibowo , Khoirul attorney Tuesday .

About legal action , Adi Wibowo added, it still can not determine the concrete demands because it is still waiting for progress of the case and his client ‘s health .

" We are still waiting for the steps the parties , " he said .

Meanwhile , Kediri City Police Chief , Assistant Commissioner of Budhi Herdi Susianto said it was also still doing strategic steps following the people who shot it . His case , he said , are now handled by Propam .

" It formed a special team to handle it . ‘s All still sitting studied his case , " said Police Chief Kediri City which also has the power to some areas as the impact Kediri police regional expansion .

Police added that the arrest was a law enforcement action against criminal damage Woko Nuryanto Kadesh home on Monday ( 5/26/2014 ) afternoon .

Khoirul Fauzun itself is one of the five people who become perpetrators indicated that kades home . Currently , the citizens who were arrested had raised the status of a suspect .

While the destruction is the aftermath of a disappointment mass rally demanding Kadesh Woko backwards because it is considered cheating . But their aspirations are not addressed until the cause anarchistic action .


At 10:00 pm, Faisal Basri Will Be in Session Case Witness Relieve Century

Economist Faisal Basri would be defense witnesses in the corruption trial of Bank Century by the accused former Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) Budi Mulya at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

" Yes , well today at 10.00 am , " said Budi lawyer , Luhut Pangaribuan , confirmed on Monday . Faisal expressed his views as an economist would be related to the provision of short -term financing facility ( FPJP ) and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect .

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The testimony of a former candidate for governor of Jakarta was considered to alleviate the position of Budi Mulya . The public prosecutor before the Corruption Eradication Commission has presented three witnesses from among economists .

Three economists who have testified is Loulembah Noor , Hendri Saparini from the Center of Reform on Economics ( CORE ) Indonesia , as well as former Coordinating Minister for the Economy , Finance and Industry , Kwik Kian Gie . Three witnesses economists revealed a number of irregularities in awarding FPJP and bailout worth Rp 6.7 trillion .

Alleged corruption in granting FPJP , Budi indicted together as BI governor Boediono , Miranda Swaray Goeltom as BI Senior Deputy Governor , Siti Chalimah Fadjrijah as Deputy Governor for 6 Supervision and Commercial Bank Islamic Bank , and Budi Rochadi ( deceased ) as Deputy Governor 7 Payment Systems , Money Circulation , RB, and agreed to grant FPJP Credit Bank Century .

Allegedly , Century Bank is not eligible for FPJP . In the indictment stated BI change Bank Indonesia Regulation ( PBI ) in order to qualify for the Century Bank FPJP . Budi also jointly charged with the Bank Century , Robert Tantular and Hermanus Hasan Muslim .

Regarding the establishment of the Bank Century case as a failed bank systemic impact , Budi indicted together with Boediono , Miranda , Siti Fadjriah , Budi Rochadi , Dharmansyah Hadad Hadad , Hartadi A Sarwono , Ardhayadi M , and Raden Pardede . Budi Mulya alleged misuse of authority for the sake of rescue of Bank Century . He was also charged with enriching themselves Rp 1 billion related to the provision FPJP .

For his actions , alleged state losses of Rp 689.394 billion related to the provision FPJP . Meanwhile , in the case of the determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect , alleged state losses at Rp 6,762 trillion .


So Suspect, Suryadharma Threatened Non-active as coriander PPP

Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Suryadharma Ali threatened disabled from his position in the party bearing the Kaaba . This follows the establishment of a suspect against Suryadharma in organizing Hajj corruption case .

Secretary of the Board of Experts PPP Ahmad Yani recognizes no rules in his party cadres to disable the remains incapacitated , including the chairman ( ketum ) .

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"There are rules in the AD / ART for the ( non - active ) . Ketum absent if fixed, will be decided in a daily meeting , " said Secretary of the Board of Experts PPP Ahmad Yani when accompanying presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Jakarta , Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .

However , further Yani , Suryadharma status must first be discussed in the meeting of Central Board daily . The plan , daily meetings will take place on Friday evening .

" We’ll talk , discuss , how the status of Mr. Suryadharma . What is a permanent absent , " said a member of Commission III of this .

In addition to AD / ART or the articles of association and bylaws , PPP also has an integrity pact anti-drug and anti - corruption signed by all board and legislative candidates of PPP since 2013. Therefore , recognized Yani , there will be implications for the new status that carried Suryadharma .

" But we did not want to comment further because the wait for the meeting tonight , " he said .

Suryadharma named as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption organizing hajj 2012-2014 by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad . Suryadharma , according to the Commission , is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation .


Emon Investigation Completed, Submitted to the Attorney Files

The first phase of the investigative files to hundreds of cases of child sex crimes in Sukabumi with Andri Sobari suspects aka Emon has been delegated to the State Attorney Sukabumi .

" For this first phase of the investigative files we have devolved and waiting for the results of the prosecution if there is a revision in the file or not , if not then we will promptly assign investigative files of two stages so that Emon could soon be a prisoner prosecutor , " said Police Chief Sukabumi City , AKBP Hari Santoso told Reuters on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

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According to Day , the investigation against this pedophile case is considered completed and is expected to be immediately set Kejari Sukabumi P21 to the case. So that the suspect could Emon trial soon .

Until recently increased the number of victims who reported four people were initially 114 children to 118 children now . Of these 36 children suspected to be victims of sodomy Emon .

In addition , police are still hunting two other suspects who allegedly committed sex offenders to Emon and is expected in the near future the two suspects could be arrested for re- developing this case .

" We snare suspects with Article 82 of Law No. 23 of 2002 on Child Protection in conjunction with Article 64 of the Criminal Code of actions committed repeatedly, " said Day .

" Initially we also ensnare suspects with Article 292 of the Criminal Code on obscene , but the article was deemed inappropriate because of our very low sentence for a pedophile that is only five years old , so we pull out the article and hope Emon rewards can be given by a judge sentenced severely , " he added .


Fixed Hatta Democrats Hope Along the axis Gerindra …

Vice presidential candidates hope Hatta Rajasa Democrats joined to the shaft that carries Gerindra and Prabowo himself as a prospective partner president and vice president.

However, Hatta did not want to impose the will of the party headed by Susililo Bambang Yudhoyono, who also is besannya. “Certainly we hope, but all we leave it to the Democrats to take a decision,” he said in Kalibata Heroes Cemetery in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/05/2014).

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Hatta said the results of his meeting with Yudhoyono in Cikeas, Monday (19/05/2014) night, he is optimistic that Democrats will carry the cadre-mate Prabowo Hatta. It was revealed from the same vision mission SBY delivered at the meeting that night.

"We see no prospect although we respect the decision of the Democrats in the majority rapimnas through internal surveys desire to neutral but not non-voters," said Hatta.


Official MCC coalition with Gerindra

Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) official coalition with Gerindra and support the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo as a presidential candidate in 2014 .

This coalition was marked by the signing of the charter of political cooperation in the Office of the DPP PKS , Jalan TB Simatupang , Jakarta , Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) .

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Political contract was signed Gerindra Suhardi Chairman , Secretary General Gerindra Muzani Ahmad , Anis Matta MCC President , and Secretary General Taufik Ridho . The event was witnessed by Prabowo and Shura Council Chairman Hilmi Aminuddin MCC .

Taufik explained , the coalition decided after a long process of political communication between the MCC and Gerindra .

" Communication media exposed several times not . Together Pak Prabowo , all personal communication results we bring to the Shura council . Then unanimously concluded that the application of Gerindra be a top priority for follow-up , " said Taufik .

Meanwhile , Prabowo expect this to be a great power coalition to build the nation . According to Prabowo , the challenge to build Indonesia’s future is quite heavy so it takes a good cooperation .

" We need strong cooperation because I was interested in building a strong coalition , long-term , " says Prabowo .

The contract was attended by a number of political leaders from both parties , including , Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon , Chairman of the Central Advisory Council MCC Fortunately Wahono , and West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan .


Overcome Deficit Electricity, PLN 1,030 MW plant Kaltim Build

State Electricity Company ( PLN ) Limited will build the power plant up to 1,030 MW in the East Kalimantan region , particularly in three areas , Balikpapan , Samarinda , Kutai .

The company is targeting the electric power grid that can be realized most quickly in 2017 . So far various plants to be built include 2x110 MW power plant Balikpapan Bay , Senipah 35 MW power plant , power plant with power 2x100MW Kaltim 2 , and 3 Kaltim power plant of 2x100 MW power too .

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" We ‘ve designed the plant starting this year until 2017 , and even more , with power up to 1,030 MW in 2017 to cope with peak load 630 MW more . With the construction of the plant , there will be a surplus of electricity supply , " said GM PLN Kaltim - Kaltara , Machnizon Masri , Monday ( 05/12/2014 ) .

He said, this generation development efforts to balance economic growth and increased customer Kaltim from year to year is so rapid and unpredictable.

The last plant built by PLN enter Mahakam networking system in 2008 . Currently the load of 200 MW . Meanwhile , the burden of soaring in the years ahead . Load touched 235 MW in 2009 , with power capable of PLN or less the same .

In 2010, the peak load reached 245 MW and 270 MW power capacity , while the 2011 peak load of 262 MW to 275 MW of power capacity . For 2012 peak load reached 288 MW in East Kalimantan with 297 MW of power available . In 2013 , PLN recorded 341 MW power serve peak load of 308 MW . ” As of May , the peak load 340 MW and 350 MW power capacity , ” he said .

Comparison of electrical power to the load , leaving almost no power backup . power outages continue to be felt by residents of East Kalimantan . ” The standard 30 percent power backup . , But the state of our current mediocre. Then we must always be ready ( if there is a blackout ) , ” said Machnizon .


BI: So Instruments Push Exchange Export

Senior Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Adityaswara Mirza said the exchange rate should be encouraged to hold steady in order to become an instrument that is able to increase Indonesian exports . ” The exchange rate should be competitive for export and import control,” Mirza said when met at the BI Office Complex , Jakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) .

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Mirza said that a stronger exchange rate is not necessarily always good or always bad exchange rate weakened . According to him , pokir pattern should be changed , in which the most important is the stability of the exchange rate itself. ” Because if it is not stable business people can not , can not make the budget . Later when stabilized , the business can do their work , ” said Mirza .

He said, the challenge for the Indonesian exchange rate which makes the balance of trade surplus is larger and berjalnnya account deficit smaller . ” We expect the current account deficit of 2.5 percent this year and 2 percent next year could be achieved , ” said Mirza .

In addition, continued Mirza , another thing to note the trend of interest rates abroad , where U.S. interest rates next year most likely already started to rise . ” In 2015 maybe two quarters would almost certainly have already started to rise . If U.S. interest rates rise , it would make little other currencies depreciate , ” said Mirza .

Mirza pointed out China , which is the last month to weaken its currency . China’s currency had strengthened , weakened made ​​bebarapa last time that the country’s exports increased and not too down . ” Indeed, they want the economy fell to 7.5 per cent but they also do not want to be 7 percent so they now use the exchange rate instrument so that the exchange rate weaker exports more competitive , ” said Mirza .

Dollars associated with the possibility of strengthening the new government , according to Mirza , it depends cabinet formed by the next president . ” The new administration does not yet exist , only later after October we know the cabinet and its programs , ” said Mirza .


Home ownership in the U.S. Fall Due To Many Postpone Wedding

The rate of home ownership in the United States could fall up to 55 percent as more people choose to rent homes rather than buying . This happens because many people in the U.S. are delaying marriage and having children .

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Thus presented Sam Zell , Director of Equity Residential ( EQR ) , one of the largest apartment developers in the U.S. , on Monday ( 28/04/2014 ) , the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills , California . Zell said , demographic factors and lifestyle changes that.

U.S. Census Bureau noted that in 2010 about 54 percent of U.S. adults are married . However , the figure was 57 percent , down from a decade earlier .

" Suspension of marriage is quite surprising impact on realestate business and I do not think it turns people focus on that , " said Zell ( 72 ) .

U.S. home ownership rate fell to 65.2 percent reported in late 2013 and from the peak of 69.2 percent in 2004 . Meanwhile according to the U.S. Census Bureau explained , that the average age of marriage rose to 28.2 for males and 26 , 1 for women in 2010 , and rose 1.4 years for men and 1 year for women from a decade earlier .

Zell also cited reports of the increasing number of women who delay having children for a while in order to pursue their careers . Further delays were slowly reducing the demand for housing.

EQR alone has investments in approximately 110,000 residential units . Of the 18,000 rental apartments in New York , 45 percent of apartments were built EQR was occupied by single people .